Using ICTs in teaching

Particular attention in the TYCON project is on the use of new ICTs and teaching / learning methods to provide people involved in education with effective, attractive and accessible learning material for (lifelong) industry-based learning and education. New technologies and approaches to learning and innovation are largely conceptualised and tested in OUNL and in practice. The Welten Institute for Technology Advancement Team focuses primarily on electronic learning environments and pools expertise in pedagogical scenarios to support learning and learning, interoperability, learning management systems, virtual learning environments, social media images (personal learning environments), social and situational awareness, utility, as well as expertise related to content creation, content management, workplace learning and lifelong learning in general.

The TYCON consortium is aiming at developing a new digitally based web application to support VET teachers and trainers in their planning and executing the learning lessons for pupils. Introduction of IT based didactic learning material (web application) based on games elements in becoming more and more popular in VET. Construction VET schools and centres lack such tailor-made learning materials. Ours will be addressing key entrepreneurial skills very valuable in the construction sector.

As is deducted from the CEDEFOP article INSPIRING INNOVATIVE SKILLS POLICIES: “What is common to all EU countries is that even the most advanced skills intelligence is of little value when it is not used effectively. Whether it is for employee training, measures to help people find employment or for policies that aim at strengthening the skills or vocational education and training (VET) system (or its governance) as a whole, knowledge of how labour market and skills intelligence can be used to strengthen skills systems can make the difference between failure and success.”

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